Japanese Restaurant


You may be thinking about the collision of tradition and modernity? A combination of Asia and Oceania?

Umiyaki Japanese Restaurant is a traditional and modern Japanese restaurant that aims to provide customers with the freshest and most delicious Japanese dishes at very affordable prices. Our Japanese food includes sushi, sashimi, tapas, udon, poke bowl, bento, taco, donburi, toban yaki and more. We are constantly adjusting the taste while ensuring the freshness of the ingredients to ensure that our guests are amazed and happy, which is one of the goals that our chefs are most willing to achieve.

We provide many authentic dishes of Japan:

Asia & Oceania

Umiyaki Japanese Restaurant is located in the bustling Moonee Ponds area, and it is important to us to provide the local community with the most authentic and exotic Japanese cuisine. After a good renovation, Umiyaki  Japanese Restaurant can currently accommodate a large number of guests and allow them to eat here comfortably.

In addition, our bar will also provide customers with a variety of cocktails, mocktails, beer and Japanese sake, so that you can feel as interesting as being in a bar in Osaka.

Book now, let us bring you a feast on the tip of your tongue!

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